A jam game for Ludum Dare 43: "Sacrifices must be made".
Created by Peter Szollosi and Kevin Szollosi, 2018.
Music is by Eric Skiff - Underclocked (Resistor Anthems).


Collect as many gems as you can and get back to your rocket before the lava erupts.
Intergalactic gems are highly profitable, but collecting them is very dangerous...
You might need to sacrifice some of your crew members to find out which is the right way.


Jump up: Up / W / Space / C
Move left: Left / A
Move right: Right / D
Activate: Ctrl / E / X


A lot of what I have planned is missing. There is only one level but the core mechanics work fine. Have fun! :)


Post-jam version for Linux 64 bits 13 MB
Post-jam version for Windows 64 bits 12 MB
Original LD version for Linux 64 bits 13 MB
Original LD version for Windows 64 bits 12 MB


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So you chose Godot, the cross platform engine where exporting is a breeze, but could not compile for osx? Ridiculous.

Nice little platformer!! Nice retro art, excellent soundtrack, excellect controls.

Nice! very nice!


I just played this and its awesome. The sprites are amazing and the music is phenomenal. 

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